So you sold your phone for a sold out Nexus 4

I'm sure many of you sold your phones to get the Nexus 4 like I did, but no one foresaw the incident that was the Nexus 4 launch. If you're one of many that sold your phone but wasn't able to snatch a Nexus 4 – or have been placed on backorder – what phone did you part ways with and what's your temp as you wait for a restock?

I sold my GSM Galaxy Nexus a few days before the Nexus 4 release date thinking I'd have it by the end of this week. Instead, I'm using a friend's old Sidekick 2008 that can't hold a charge for more than 3 hours. (That same friend is lending me her old Blackberry this weekend, which is in much better condition.) I'm used to Android automatically syncing my contacts for me, so I'll probably be printing them off of Google Contacts for the time being instead of tackling the old-school method of adding contacts manually one by one – oh how technology has grown to cater to us. mobile data compatible with my service plan.

Google, get your act together and restock the Nexus 4 ASAP. Please. Quickly.