You should Never make a purchase decision based on a tech review.

I've never been so engaged with technology, If there was a period in your life time to be aware of what's going on in tech, this would be it, We are in the edge of a revolution, be it post PC, PC+, what ever you want to call it, today, the trends of the next 10 years in tech are been defined, and for those of us that make a living of technology, this knowledge gives you a competitive advantage.

So, as I get to know more and more, reading blogs, reviews, listening to podcast, you start to get some scoops on how tech journalism is driven.

The first real hint I got was listening to one of Anandtech's podcast (yes they have a podcast and is great, specially if your are a facts bound person), where they started talking about how tech reviews work, and how a reviewer could be blackmailed/black listed for giving negative reviews, and how they have to follow specific release schedules for reviews. On they also talk openly about this topics, not as openly as to mention companies but they do give hints at what going on, like Yesterday's Windows Weekly, where Paul and Mary Jo, talked about how Steven Sinofsky will black mail Paul and put Mary Jo on a black list for been critic about Microsoft products and Windows in general.

This just confirm what everybody already know, the tech business is not so different than politics, companies PR have agendas and they try to make the most out of the media, helping those that they consider friends and blacklisting those they consider foes.The Pink elephant in the room is of-course Apple, if there is one company that you want to play nice with is them, It is my believe that reviewers that are pro-Apple get invites to press releases, ability to do early reviews and a lot of sweet traffic for their sites, a win win situation. I also see a lot of reason to aspire to be on Apple white list so I can't discard those who are not yet part of the club to be lining up and how many of them have invested in Apple or any other company they cover, of curse this not going to be disclosed.

As many of you know, I tried and failed to cancel the pre-order of the Surface based on early reviews, it turned out that the product been described in those reviews was not the same I have been enjoying for two weeks now, They talked about performance issues that are not all that bad (and have been greatly improved lately), usability problems that don't really matter (like not adjustable kickstand), a display ratio that has made possible having two fullscreen apps side by side, having what I think is the most important app in the Windows RT system, the good old desktop, that has become sort of a toolbox to get things done, go back to navigating the web using keyboard and mouse when I feel like it, get fine grain control of my files and full access to my home network.

My conclusion is, if you are going to base your purchase decision on a reviews, you are better of looking for real user reviews, Amazon and Newegg have proven to be a great source data to make my purchase decisions, look from reviews from 3 and below first, discard those that do not seem legit and then look at the positive ones, that way you will get a real world perspective on what the product is and how it may fit in your life.

There are a ton of problem indeed, like the unbearable Music app, but there is a LOT of good things in this system for it to deserve a 7.0, less than the Chrome book, which btw, is not even half as good in what it does and has a ton more apps problems than Windows RT as it stands.