I am in a predicament, I am a verizon customer and having a hard time figuring out what phone I want to get for my upgrade in february. Lately I have been dead set on getting the Nokia Lumia 822. But, just the other day I was reminded of the one thing that I value most as a smartphone user and that is battery life. So far as I have seen, there has not been any reviews on the 822, so I have no idea about the battery life. Then I remembered one phone manufacturer who has been been pushing battery life as its main staple: Motorola. Then I started thinking yeah, it would be cool to have a windows phone but it would be even cooler to have the DRoid Razr Maxx HD or the smaller but just as a nice Droid Razr M. What phone would be a better choice? How is the Droid Razr Maxx HD in real world usage? How is the Droid Razr M? Can android sync well with a windows 8 laptop? Thanks in advance!