Don't like the new lockscreen in 4.2? How would you change it?

I have to admit I've seen the videos of the new lockscreen and I don't like how Google has implemented it.

Besides the odd way in which the mail and calender widgets start out small/short when your first add them, I see the following as negatives:

  • Being able to edit the lockscreen... from the lockscreen. The empty screen with the plus sign is not a good look and it is not consistent with how the normal homescreens which can't be edited at all.
  • If you don't have a pin or pattern lock, it seems unlocking from a full screen widget is a two step process: slide up to shrink the widget and then slide the lock icon to unlock.
  • If you do have a pin or pattern lock, unlocking from a full screen widget brings up a pin/pattern unlock that's semi-transparent which looks ugly IMHO.
  • It seems to take longer to get to the camera app. It seems Google built in a delay on purpose so you jump back to another screen in case you change your mind.

Here's how I'd change it:

  • Move the editing function to settings so you can't scroll past the last screen, just like the homescreens and the app drawer.
  • Keep the slide to unlock/camera/Google Now from 4.1 and have the widgets scroll above the unlock icon. This keeps unlock one-step away (if you're not using a pin/pattern). The widget won't be as large but it's scrollable and the lockscreen is for quick glance-able info anyway.
  • Camera app does not need to be a lockscreen widget. I would rather unlock to the camera.
  • The pin/pattern slides up from the bottom in animation and is transparent to the wallpaper the way it looks on the screen with the clock widget in its smallest size. That's a much cleaner look I think.

What do you think? What would you do instead?