Got a 920 on Tuesday, bricked it on a Thursday. *UPDATE* hey, it wasn't actually bricked!

I ordered a Cyan 920 from my local AT&T store last Friday and had it arrived at my house on Tuesday. Since getting up and running with it, I have loved the experience... until last night.

I am currently out of town on a business trip and was using the 920 to listen to my favorite podcasts last night at my hotel. Bad timing occurred when I was navigating my downloaded podcasts and a reminder popped up at the same time, freezing the OS.

Up until this point, I hadn't had to try and do a hard reset and I didn't know for sure how to. Being an iOS user, I just did what seemed logical and held down the power button and windows "button" until the screen did eventually turn blank.

Well...the screen has been blank ever since and I can't get it to turn back on or display anything on the screen. It's been on its charger ever since (I did have about 1/4 battery left when this all happened) but, for the life of me, I can't figure this out.

The worst part is that this has drastically inconvenienced my trip because my colleagues aren't able to get in touch with me unless I set up my laptop to check emails and it's all just been a major headache.

Anyone else have this issue and/or any solutions?

*UPDATE* Turns out I'm just an idiot... with that being said, I had read this link (which I meant to include in the original post) which really scared me because it seemed like I wasn't unique with my troubles: