Ingress The Augmented Reality Game. Google launches their first game and its pretty innovative.

Google is probably the biggest company out there. With their hands in almost every sector of the market. Now, they're getting into the gaming industry. Ingress is an augmented reality game by Google for the Android. Ingress is a small prototype of what's in store for future gaming. The idea is that the literal city around you has structures that give out negative energy.

These structures attract people and events together and are used to hack the minds of civilians. An organization knownas Niantic. You're out to stop them. There are two factions, The Resistance and The Enlightened. It's an ongoing battle to hold those public locations known as Virtual Portals.

Players will need to collect XM units which help you generate virtual energy. The XM units will be laid out in a walking path. Players then spend the XM units on the virtual portals that Google will chose throughout the city.

What do you think, is do they have a proper approach. I mean I feel as if this is a good corporate move. Lets wait and see I'd like to try it.

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