Nexus 4: No Shipping Update & No Backorder Email


Here ye here ye, I now summon the Coalition of Nexii Purgatory

We are those stalwart warriors of the digital world that live by the F5.

We were there during those frantic 25 minutes when our dies were cast.

We are also left behind by the Great Google, left to question our very existence.

Are we chosen? Are we forgotten? Where are we?


If you haven't gotten an email saying that you're backordered, or if you haven't gotten a shipping label... discuss your frustrations below.

I've been told that the lack of response from the mothership means that we may be ok, that our devices will ship. This was quickly followed by 'but it could also mean you're backordered'.

This launch was set up by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, so many questions, so little answers.