why windows 8 might not be taking off as fast as it could be

i love to shop at costco and walmart. i was at both yesterday and in both stores i browsed the electronics section. in both stores i wanted to see how new windows 8 laptops performed compared to how my old laptop performs with the win8 upgrade from vista. in both stores there were all non-touchscreen laptops with maybe one exception. i don't remember which one but it doesn't matter for this discussion. the problem as i see it is that people are going to get a very flawed experience with the non-touchscreen laptops that are on sale now without realizing there is a whole new generation of touchscreen devices out there. the one laptop that was touchscreen wasn't even differentiated from the non-touchscreen laptops. there isn't even an indication that windows 8 is SUPPOSED TO BE USED ON A TOUCHSCREEN? i think this is a serious error on everyone's part. non-touchscreens should not have windows 8 preinstalled. they should have windows 7 with the option of a free upgrade to avoid confusion.