To former android users who are still waiting for their lumia 920

So i have been using my new lumia 920 for a few days now ......

after so much bitching and self-nagging I finally got a lumia 920. No, I was not able to get the yellow. But after several phone calls made by an intrepid at & t salesman, calling other distant at & t stores, I finally got a phone call from him; I put on a pair of jeans and drove for just under an hour to a store in another town and boom! They had ONE red lumia 920, which I immediately purchased off contract, at the spot.

here goes:

I saw two yellow lumias at that store, but they were the personal phones of the salesmen there. They were not for sale. they said the reason why the yellow and cyan are only online is the same reason why there’s only two of them in the store: there’s hardly any yellow and cyan, period. Yep, there simply aren’t many of them out there. He said that as soon as they become available, the stores WILL have the Yellow and cyan, both for sale without the need to purchase them online. He assured me that the online-only situation with these two colors is not some AT & T plan. It’s the fact that the phones aren’t there! He said the delay is from Nokia.

Now onto the other colors: that store had 3 white ones and one red, and a truck load of black. He said that both AT & T and nokia decided to flood the market with black because they thought that customers in the u.s would mostly prefer black. He also said that most customers are indeed buying the black ones, more than anything else. I snatched the last red one they had in stock.

Take home message: if you want a colored lumia 920, u might have to do some extra work and a few phone calls. If you want yellow and are willing to wait, it WILL be available in the actual store at some point.

Back to former android users, like myself:

Guys, you are going to be in heaven! Here is why:

As gorgeous as the lumia 920 is on videos, it pales next to its real live image when you hold it. It is a beauty. My Ferrari red lumia 920 is so beautiful, that I have this urge to handle it like every hour or so. It is heavy and sturdy in the hand, oozing quality. So well–constructed and hefty, yet so elegant and classy. If you look at the lumia 920 and not like it, there is something wrong with your eyes or your brain.The screen in of itself is a show; so bright, so big, and so dam clear.

oh, and you can tell those who say it’s too big and too heavy to go take a hike.

Now onto windows phone 8:

1-scrolling on windows phone 8 is SMOOTHER THAN IOS6, thanks to windows phone and pure motion. Say good bye to choppy android scroll and pinch/zoom.

2-screen re-orientation/rotation is AS SMOOTH AND COOL AS IT IS ON IOS6.

3-performance: oh man, you put windows phone on a single core and it flies. Imagine on 2 cores: light speed! Yep, no android stutter.

4-touch response: no android neglected taps! The screen responds so fast and so consistently that you sometimes wonder if it’s responding before u tap it. Amazing! Just when you‘re about to think that only apple can develop good software, window phone comes to prove you wrong.

5-aesthetics: O M G, coming from android, you will be shocked...... in a good way! Whoever designed window phone has got to be some sort of part time fashion designer. The level of attention to polish and fine detail in this OS is mind blowing. Every single tap, click, animation, and swipe is eye candy. Every single page is pretty. But when I say pretty, I don’t mean it in the juvenile or tacky sense. Colors and graphics are all done in such good taste making the OS colorful yet classy and elegant at the same time. All colors in the OS and in theme options are carefully picked; you won’t see the hideous biliary-green color of android.

My crimson red color theme against the pitch black background in this red lumia 920 is the most beautiful digital display I have ever seen on a mobile device, and you will feel the same way when you get yours and customize it.

6-user friendliness: wp8 is idiot proof. In fact it is monkey proof. Yep, it’s that intuitive. None of those 15 item menus that confuse the bejesus out of you in android. you click on a video and it starts! you wont need to choose among a 100 video players to figure out which one would play the file extension.

The whole package:

When you combine a gorgeous yet classy OS with a gorgeous and equally classy device you get a lumia 920 with wp8, plain and simple.

I still think the lumia launch is the worst in device launch history; I still think MS is late and that the wp8 launch was a major let down. however, the end product both hardware and software is nothing short of excellent!

Have fun with your Lumias!

If you are still using android and are on the fence, go to an At & T store and play with a wp8 device. You will be hooked from the first snort.