Just got my Nexus 4. First impressions.. (updated)

1. The phone sings "I AM SEXY AND I KNOW IT". It's very elegant. My favorite looking device has been the white HTC One X. In my opinion, this black N4 is sexier.

2. If you like having haptic feedback on and you're upgrading from a Galaxy Nexus, you'll be pleased with the N4. I can't count the times I missed calls and important notifications with my GNEX on vibrator mode. I don't if it's the way the vibrator module is installed or the "solid" body of the N4 that makes vibrations much better than the GNEX. You feel it as soon as you type on the keyboard to setup the phone for first use.

3. I was hoping that one of those early N4 reviewers would check if the N4/Android 4.2 supported SIM hot swapping like iPhones. I know if I remove the back cover of my GNEX and replace the SIM, I get a message that a new SIM is detected but I need to restart the phone. I deliberately powered on the N4 without a SIM installed at first then inserted it after it booted up. I did not get any messages but it did not pick up signal either, had to restart.

4. Comparing the N4 and the GNEX displays. To me, All the colors looked better on the N4 except for black and green, but then again, the GNEX has a greenish tent over everything. Now I find myself preferring the better whites of the N4 much over the combination of ultra-vivid greens+greenish whites nature of the GNEX display. Also, I've always thought the GNEX displayed weird pinks, they're like they should be on the N4. The extra few pixels make a difference in the N4, that little extra screen state sometimes dismisses the need to zoom to read something while browsing. The cyan color (many call it ICS Blue) of the Holo theme that started with Android 4.0 looks amazing on the N4. People should call it "ICS Cyan" now because it truly looks like Cyan, while more like Blue on the GNEX.

5. The power button is a little higher on the N4, I wish it was a bit longer or in the same place as the GNEX.

6. The silver rim around the screen isn't luminous as I thought it would be when I held it to my face. The glass curves on the sides help at making it look discrete when held directly for operation.

7. Using the speedtest app, I got 16MBs down, 1.7MB up using t-mobile's H+ network with the N4. My GNEX has an AT&T SIM in it now, It's got 2.15MB down, 1.1MB up only.

8. There's a spot in my garage that is dead to the GNEX from my home WiFi signal. Have always hated it because that's where I always sit to smoke. Not only the N4 is fine there, it pulled 24MB when I tested using the speed test app.

9. Coming from a Motorola phone to the GNEX, I missed that instant GPS lock my Motorola had. What is it those Moto guys do to make their GPS locking so fast?! While the GNEX GPS locking speed was improved with updates, I found the N4 is be much faster at locking and rerouting when navigating.

10. I thought I was imagining it at first when I thought my GNEX and N4 back to back initiated NFC at a longer distance than what I remember in case of 2 GNEX phones (my nephew had one). But I own a Nexus 7, so I tested things out and it appeared to be true. I need to almost tap the back of my N7 to initiate Android Beam using my GNEX, while the N4 initiates at within a distance of 1.5" or so.

--- Update 11/17/2012---

11. The Galaxy S III notifications LED is a bit brighter than the one in the GNEX. I was hoping the N4 will have something similar, it doesn't.

12. All the time I was reading the N4 reviews, I thought they were saying the glass curves outwards on the sides. I was surprised to see it curves inward. Sorry I couldn't explain it better. And yes, it makes a difference in the feel when you swipe screens.

13. The external speaker of the N4 is a little bit louder than the GNEX, but still on the quiet side. Don't expect Motorola (I know it's a lot phones, but they usually do good in this regard) or iPhone 4/4s/5 loudness.

--- Update 11/18/2012 ---

14. Battery life is acceptable. It's better than the GSM Galaxy Nexus with the stock 1750mAh battery, but not as good as the GNEX+the OEM 2000mAh battery. It's kinda puzzling how the LG Optimus G has a better battery life based on it's reviews. The only difference is the OS? right? So, is it a software/kernel issue in Android 4.2? I don't know.

15. The Nexus 4 is my first Android phone with a non-removable battery. I was thinking what do I do in those nasty cases that require a "battery pull". I just tried holding the power button for few seconds and indeed it did shutdown.

16. I mentioned it before but I also did further testing. The GPS performance of the Nexus 4 obliterates that of the Galaxy Nexus it's not even funny. Accuracy and speed is excellent on the N4. Happy to see that since I use Google Maps/Navigation quite often. Testing indoors in my house, the N4 found 19 satellites, the GNEX only 3.