Things i don't get in WP8

I really like the look, feel and beauty of Windows Phone 8.

But sometimes i think Ms just wants to do things not perfect to have something to complain about.

If i insert a 32 Gb Card to my Lumia 820 i just can save documents, music and videos on it. What about maps or apps?

Skydrive is a nice thing... but i want to save the files on my phone to work offline. You simply can't.

The internet explorer 10 is fast and really does a good job. But please... let me save files from the internet on my phone. A simple mp3 can't be saved :(

Do some of you know if there is a work around to some of this problems?

I tried UCBrowser and was able to save the files to my phone. But you can't select the location or anything. A movie doesn't even appear in the video section of the media hub.

For people having a small data plan it's really not easy if you have to take everything from the internet.

By the way. I wrote a "small" review about the Lumia 820 and liked it overall.