Advice on Windows 8 laptop/tablet RT

I am buying my daughter a laptop this Xmas and would like some input. I have been against Windows RT but maybe it will suit her needs. She is in HS and will use it for school work and I imagine a lot of Facebook and music. I can get the Asus Vivo Tab RT for $599 and it includes a keyboard. I was hoping the Win 8 Pro versions would be less but if I want a detachable tablet or reversible clam shell it will be close to 1k, which is more than I want to spend on this. On the flip side, I can get a straight Windows 8 laptop for $500 but it won't have tablet-like functionality which I know she would love

My question is for the RT users; will Office work well for her school stuff and will Facebook and music work for well on it? I am just concerned as I know old Intel apps won't work on RT - but for her, will it matter?

Thanks for any advice.