Why is Windows 7 better than Windows 8?


So. Many people have been hating Windows 8 since its launch. In fact, they've been hating it since the consumer preview. And there are many arguments for it. People don't like the metro start screen, the division between legacy apps and metro apps (I'm still calling it metro). So here is my question to everyone:

Why is Windows 7 better than Windows 8?

To clarify the need for this question: I'm not asking why Windows 8 is worse, I'm asking why Windows 7 is better. I mean do you really like the start menu that much that its a deal breaker to give it up? I understand that considering Windows 8 is supposed to be a major update, it was slightly disappointing. But it is still kinda better than Windows 7. I can't think of anything that Windows 7 does better than Windows 8. Metro start screen is better than the start menu, even if it completely obstructs with the design philosophy of the windows 7 desktop environment. Sure, the upgrades to the interface in Windows 8 are more suited to touch, but its not really worse for the mouse than the start menu. I mean, are you really saying that scrolling in the Start Menu's all programs section was all that good?

What really is given up in the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8?

PS: I'm here to know the community's opinion, not to cause a 'shitstorm' or a fanboy war or anything. Convince me that Microsoft actually went wrong in some places with this upgrade.