Spotify on the various platforms

I'll cut right to the chase: I love windows phone 7, and the 920 was going to be my next as it only made sense upgrading to windows phone 8.

Apps have never really played that big of a part in my life, save for a very select few which is why WP7 has worked out perfectly for me. But after living with WP7 for a year or so, it's apparent that app developers, as mentioned many times on the verge mobile podcast, just release an app (if at all) and then never update it. One of these cases is Spotify, which I've recently become obsessed with.

It bothers me greatly that this application is still in a state of a buggy mess that crashes randomly, and since music plays a big part of my life, it has made me genuinely considering switching from my wp7 to say.. an Android.

So my question to you is: How is Spotify on the various other platforms for those who use it? Is there a spotify app for Windows phone 8, and is it any better? Am I being crazy here?