Why YouTube is the ultimate TV ecosystem

Let's do this, super simple. YouTube is the ultimate TV ecosystem because:

Open video platform

Anyone can contribute, and as an open OS means innovative software so an open TV ecosystem means awesome and innovative content. The Ideas Channel, The Verge, Glove and Boots, VSauce, Yogscast, TomSka, Freddiew are all better than most broadcast TV shows in my opinion - much more entertaining and interesting and low budget! They are new ideas, a new way of conveying entertainment in short bursts, and sometimes like the Vergecast in longer shows too.

Individuals in the midst of tragic events can post video footage straight to my Youtube page. It's a very exciting new delivery method of news, am I right? Like crowd sourcing.

And this allows much more artistic expression than TV, and freedom in the length of the video. Show makers are no longer meeting demands from superiors. As a YouTube user I watch videos ranging between a 20 second long video of a hamster farting to an hour and a half long Vergecast. It's all on YouTube. It's bloody amazing.

Popular TV channels have already started posting shows on YouTube

Such as the British Channel 4 - they put all of their shows on YouTube. And it wouldn't be that hard for other channels to start streaming to YouTube too.

You subscribe to who you want to subscribe, watch want you watch to watch want... wait what - when you want, or something

This ones obvious. You watch what you want to watch when you want to watch it. And the subscription system is really, really good. It needs a lot of improvement however. A lot of the channels that I'm subbed to do a load of videos that I don't care about and the only view that I get is a big list of all of the stuff they've posted. There has to be a better way - like split into genres or something like on BBC iPlayer.

UPDATE: Let me use an analogy for what YouTube could mean to TV and the film industry

Remember before the internet? What was journalism like? Magazines and newspapers. Costly things, lacking in content. Trying to find the news provider provider for you was hard because there weren't thousands of people doing news. Now what's journalism like? It's blown up since the internet. That is what an open platform does to a service.

So YouTube is that, but for video. I'm serious. YouTube is the open video platform (arguably not open enough, certainly not as open as the internet itself but) this means that, as we've already seen, really exciting new forms of video have emerged. Things we've never seen before on TV or in a cinema, YouTube is genuinely incredible place to watch stuff. Imagine what happened to journalism but with video basically.

Why hasn't it taken off like internet blogs and news sites did with journalism? Because people still want to watch popular series' from the TV, and those aren't on YouTube. But what if they were, and there were products that supported YouTube really, really well? Maybe things could be different. I don't see how anything else can dominate over YouTube for quality entertainment in the future. If YouTube improves the channel system, maybe implements paid subscriptions and multiple channels per account, better supports the industry etc. then YouTube could come out first here. It just has to get on your TV.