Zune videos no good on WP8?

So I know that Zune is dead or at least the name is. But I've still got a collection of paid for zune videos. They play just fine on my xbox and my PC of course as well as on my old WP7. But I just got my new WP8 today and to my shock not a single one of my zune videos will play, in fact they won't even transfer over to the Nokia 920. I've tried both the Windows Phone connection software thing (flat out refuses to even acknowledge that said videos excist but sees my music no problem), as well as just a straight file explorer drag and drop (errors out every single time). I have been able to drag and drop some old .mp4 dvd rips onto the phone no problem. So my question is two fold. One is anyone else experiencing this? Two did Microsoft just fuck me over, because this is seriously a return worthy screw up? Is there some software out there that I can use to strip the DRM (of course it's the DRM screwing me) off the file so I can just load it on like my DVD rips? I really can't understate how big of a problem this is for me as watching videos on it is probably 40% of what I did with my last phone. So any comments are much appreciated.


Well Engadget just confirmed it videos are broken on WP8. Thanks Microsoft you actually managed to break something that worked just fine already.