Can any Lumia 920 owners call AT&T to see if they will unlock it?

Hey everyone, I am on T-Mobile and want to get a Lumia 920 but alas, Nokia did not release it for T-Mobile. Now, I, like everyone else, assumed that AT&T and Nokia will not give the unlock code until the exclusivity period is finished (looking like 6 months), but I've been hearing that AT&T will unlock the phone if you have a contract and I've also heard that they will unlock it even if you bought the phone out-right. I've heard this from my friend and two AT&T representatives but I felt that the reps did not really know much more than what they were trained (what I mean is, not the specifics on phone restrictions such as exclusive devices).

So, I was wondering if any of you Lumia 920 owners will confirm for me, by calling AT&T or going to your local AT&T store, if they will unlock your device for me.