Which droid phone to get? (Switching from many years of iphone)

Ive been loyal to apple since the iphone 2G and have been very satisfied. Simple OS and jailbreaking let me do advanced tasks but lately Ive grown bored of apple so I ordered the Lumia 920 being a hardcore PC guy and while the phone froma hardware perspective was fantastic, I couldnt stand the WP8 OS, there were no apps, it limited my browser tabs, couldnt do ANYTHING from the lockscreen, and again, no freaking apps. So I want to give android a try since I love customization and am wondering which phone to get.

The HTC one X plus was my first choice since it is the latest model of one of the top android phones but then I researched a lot of user reveiws on youtube and it seems the consensus is that the galaxy S3 is the better phone in many key areas and that the HTC has a few fatal flaws including improper multitasking. Secondly it seems it performed more slowly in all benchmark tests. So I am now leaning towards the S3 but am weary since it is pretty late into that phones life cycle and to be perfectly honest I really do not like the look of the phone (the HTC look i did like however). I cant see myself using the note 2 daily and cant picture comfortably making phone calls with that thing. The last option was the nexus but Im not sure if it is available on ATT and secondly it lacks LTE which seems rediculous for a high end phone. So should I wait for the galaxy S4, purchase the S3, or take the risk and go with the HTC X Plus despite what appear to be some pretty bad flaws? Camera is decently important to me, I dont want dark photos, Ive grown accustomed to the post processed colorful sharp photos from an iphone.

Any help is appreciated Im not used to community help so I hope this is an appropriate area to ask this question.

As a side note could anyone let me know how important rooting is, ie what are the key advantages to doing so because Ive heard the S3 has a custom bootloader making rooting easy while the One X plus does not.