Where is the Galaxy Camera?


Now you may agree with me or not, but I think the Samsung Galaxy Camera is a pretty sweet little piece of technology. Or at least thats what I hope. Either way I have been looking forward to picking one up since it was announced. Finally the day is upon us, after months of waiting. Or is it?

This morning a walked on down to my local AT&T stores (2 within 2 blocks of each other, its New York). In both locations no one in the store had any idea what I was talking about. I check on Samsung's website and it just kicked me over to AT&T. At least there I was able to check in store availability. Which surprise, surprise was no where in New York. I decided to just order it from AT&T's website.

Here's where my biggest problem arrises. You have to buy a data plan. You can only order this camera buy purchasing AT&T's plan for at least one month. This also means an activation fee. So now my options are an additional $15 (on top of the pricey $500 tag) for 250mb (useless) or the next step up $30 for 3gb. Funny thing is I am just going to pop a T-Mobile card in after the first month anyway. I asked an online rep if there was anyway to skirt the contract and after a passive agressive reporte I learned the sad truth.

In total, to get a new Galaxy Camera in the US the price breaks down as follows:

$500 Camera


at least $15 for 1 month of data

+$36 for Activation

No shipping charge at least.

The one question I have is this: Does Samsung not want to make money on this product. Whatever your feelings may be you have to at least admit this is some interesting hardware. There are certainly people who would like to buy it. So why is that such a difficult task. This thing could sell like crazy if they just threw it on amazon with no sim card. I just don't know why they would choose a retail path so narrow and bumpy.

They must just hate money

PS: I enjoy this bit of the conversation I had with the online sales rep.

Priscilla: Welcome to AT&T online Sales support. How may I assist you with placing your order today?

dan: So i want to buy a samsung galaxy camera, but i dont want a plan. Possible?

Priscilla: I will be happy to assist you with your phone purchase!

Priscilla: Are you referring to the Samsung Galaxy S III?

dan: no

dan: the samsung galaxy camera


Priscilla: Thank you. I got it.

See passive aggressive.