I love MS surface

Even though am a fan of MS, After reading the verge review and other website I was disappointed . It took me days to decide if I should buy it or not.

When it arrived, I was quick to criticise it based on josh review that was stuck in my head. I started looking out for flaws and not enjoy it. I hated the 10.6 screen form factor . it was completely different from my iPad I just dropped . It felt awkward like josh said. So went back using my iPad. After 6 hrs, I gave my partner my iPad and decided to concentrate on the surface . The more I use it the more it felt natural. I love the for factor now. am really loving it. I wish it had more apps though to enjoy the full potential. I think most reviewer just read up other critic blog like the verge and just review the product along that lines.

The surface is not great but I love It.

ps I dislike the speaker . It's so low and I wish it's one click to take off on screen keyboard . It takes two clicks .