Visited a MS store for the first time to play with the Surface and Lumia 920

i can't believe how well organized and designed the microsoft store is. i wanted to try a surface rt and play with a lumia 920. my first impression of the surface is that the reality of how excellent the quality and design of that product isn't apparent in any video and description i've seen so far. the surface exudes quality. it's a pleasure to use. the touch keyboard is excellent even though it takes getting used to. i would have killed for one of these prior to starting college. very responsive software. ie is superb (can't believe internet explorer isn't still in the corner eating paste and wearing a football helmet while crome and firefox battle for more speed). don't much care that word starts up in desktop. loved it. loved the functionality once the girl showed me most of the gestures and shortcuts to operating the surface. all that being said i still want the surface pro now that i'm not in college. in my opinion it's a big mistake not having the surface in every retailer in every country. The lumia 920 in white. i didn't think i'd care for the city lens that much but it is just the coolest thing to see for myself. i'd buy it in a heartbeat if they would sell the app. i don't know what these limp wrists that work at the verge are talking about when describing the weight of the 920. if that's heavy to them they need to see a doctor. the phone feels solid and well built in my hand. super responsive. maps look awesome and are downloadable (worth so much when you loose signal). stupid phone is only on att. if that samsung coming out for verizon next month isn't up to snuff then i might just have to switch.