Windows 8 and the adoption rate.

According to the latest article on the front page, the adoption rate of Windows 8 is well below what MS was estimating internally. So I wanted to post my thought on the matter because my Xbox upstairs is acting up and the one downstairs is occupied. ....meaning I have nothing to do. :)

Anywhoo, the first thing that came to mind was this: Fire that idiot.
The person who estimated a quick adoption rate should be fired and fired now. If MS was really expecting a quick adoption rate I am going to point out the reasons why it isn't and why it shouldn't have one.

Then you probably need to factor in this: Windows 7
Windows 8 already has a huge struggle ahead of itself for one main reason. Windows 7. Its simply a great OS. It runs well. Its very secure. Quick with the right hardware. Last but not least, its predictable.

My next major point is this: Hardware.
Windows 8 works best with a more organic tool set. Touch screens or motion. The hardware is just simply not there yet. How many of you own a 24" touchscreen monitor or a motion controller like the LEAP? OR have a laptop with all of these embedded into them? .....crickets chirping.... Yeah I thought that was the case. :D

Since Windows 8 truly shines with new next gen hardware, it really doesn't offer any compelling reason for consumers to switch yet.

ANNNND Last but certainly not least: Corporate Adoption
Knowing many people in the IT field, most admins are worried about Windows 8. The change just seems too big for them. I am on the opposite side of that spectrum. I think it can be amazing. I feel with Windows 8 and the new upgrades to Active Directory that I can really tailor every single interface to my users. BUT.....This isn't a quick process. I'm planning on rolling out Window 8 probably in two years depending on where we are financially and where the market goes.

So that is my quick summary on why I think Window 8 is where its supposedly this time. Hope you all enjoyed the read. :)