An Apple ad I thought of.

Since I'm an equal opportunity jerkwad, an idea popped into my head today given the overwhelmingly and predictably lukewarm reception from the Applezombie contingent of the tech press (i.e. 99% of trained writers with titanic egos who think they know tech), and even long-time Microsofties not knowing what to make of it still.

You know what ad I'd air if I was Apple in a few weeks when more consumers start seeing W8 around?

First in view would be an iPad and a Macbook Pro Retina with the characteristically Apple white background.

Zoom out to include a flat keyboard that looks like a Touch Cover beside the Apples - and then a Surface-like tablet appears, complete with Metro screen, to 'click' onto the keyboard. Music would cut out just at the 'click' to make it as prominent as possible and crystal clear we're targeting the Surface.

Three pictures would pop up above each device in a cloud-like bubble in the Apple skeumorphic style.

Above the Macbook, an executive jet.
Above the iPad, a sleek 2-seater sports car.

Above the Surface like tablet, a Pinto - onto which the AVE Mizar wing 'clicks', again with the music cut-out, the Surface screen turning into Desktop with a worst examples of desktop apps on it.

Screen goes black, text: "Two clear ideas."

Then the Apple logo.

I think it might even torpedo W8's chances among the public better than the 'I'm a PC' ads did for Vista.


I do actually concur with the view that they never picture other stuff on their ads - good point.So you can actually take away the devices altogether in this ad: you have a picture of an executive jet and sports car, then panning out to a Pinto with the wing CLICKing into place.

And just before the Two clear ideas, then you show the iPad and Macbook.