LG Australia: Nexus 4, Optimus G and Miracast

Interesting read regarding Nexus 4 and Miracast!


"Both the Nexus 4 and Optimus G feature Miracast. On the Nexus 4, it’s supported through Android 4.2’s Secondary Displays...On the Optimus G, it’s part of the standard OS and can be enabled with a tap on a dedicated toggle in the notification shade’s Quick Settings area.

"Josh’s demonstration included browsing a photo gallery in full-screen mode on the TV, playback of HD video (an MKV file, no less), web browsing, and a game of Angry Birds. The phone can send output to the Miracast display from an application – for example, a video – and continue to use the phone normally. Josh demoed this by playing a video on the TV while playing Angry Birds on the phone.

"Another quirk is that Miracast uses your Wifi antenna, so you can’t maintain a connection to your home network while transmitting and will instead be relying on mobile data. This is a definite drawback compared to competing systems like AirPlay, but it’s something that could be added or changed as Miracast evolves.

"Notably, the demo was performed on the Optimus G. There seem to be issues with the implementation on the Nexus 4 which should be sorted out with a software update. This seems OK, as no-one has Miracast-capable hardware at the moment."