32Gb Surface RT usability (storage wise) - opinions? Regrets?

So I'm currently waiting for the 32Gb RT. Big thanks to my new-ish assistant who helpfully noted it was on preorder and said to herself "I'm going to order it when it's in stock". By the time I found out, the preorders had gone for the 32Gb - whereupon the 'I must have new toy' factor became much less urgent, and I ordered it myself recently.

For me, the RT is an exploratory purchase at best - reviews aside, just from the general concept I see the Surface Pro or another W8 device being far more useful to me for the foreseeable future - so it's probably going to be used for a few months and abandoned (Surprise me, Microsoft - but this is what I think will happen). So I figured "why spend more".

Now, reading about the capacity issues - i.e. half the memory not usable - I wonder if I've made a mistake and I should just have gone for the 64Gb instead. I just wanted to find out from real users in the field whether it's hobbled you in your use at all. Feel free to be as specific as you want.