4.2 makes me want to re-flash a custom ROM

I'll start off by stating my phone: a Gnex with stock android, used to run AOKP but it had these tiny faults in the system so I went back to stock(sometimes, just pressing the notification bar would dim the screen a bit without this showing in the brightness bar. Manually changing the brightness fixes this, but one time, just to see what'd happen, I executed this bug a few times in succession, ending up with a screen that was almost too dark to see anything. I then hastly set it back. There were some more bugs like these, and JB was an almost bugless OS so I re-flashed that)

It's there: android 4.2. "A new flavour of Jelly bean". There's a couple of changes here, and a couple of additions.

First, I'll tell you what I love:

- the new analogue clock widget, it's sexy. The clock app now including stopwatch and timer is also nice, but it takes an additional press to get into the alarm, which is what I use most.

- quick settings and profiles. I would've been even more pleased if they just copied Touchwiz's notification toggles, but this works and it's something new.

- the new camera controls and photo spheres. People who rant about the spheres being inaccurate should check out some of the spheres on Nexus' Google+ page. They're awesome. Haven't seen them? Go. Now. Make haste, young padawan.

I could include Google Now in here, but although I'm impressed by it's features I've disabled it, don't like my phone trying to suggest when I should leave the house. Plus, I'm in Europe and most of the features are not as flawless as they are over in the states.

Now, what I don't love:

The new lockscreen, and everything about it. I can see why some would like the idea of lockscreen widgets, but isn't the lockscreen there as a security/privacy measure? I would've loved if it just remained the same, and showed you next 2-3 calendar events, missed calls, ect. in the roboto font. That'd be sweet. About the font, this new digital clock font? What the stuff Google? Who took the nice looking font you had and took a mindless design dookie all over it?

Another thing about the lockscreen; Apple's latest lock screen patent includes not only a set trail, as it did before, but also a set start- and endpoint for the sliding gesture. thanks to that, the unlock icon you still see on the ring is just there for show; swipe in any direction and you will unlock the phone. I know this is Apple's fault for being a pain in the brain, but still. Google could've come up with a smarter, better looking solution: they're good at that. I've actually disabled the lock screen because of these faults.

Another bug: when you have the camera app open, tilting the phone in a different orientation makes the entire app freeze for about 1,5 sec. This never happened with 4.1.

Mutitasking screen now supports landscape view, but when you go from the homescreen to the multitasking screen when holding your phone vertical, it takes a good two seconds to show. Another issue never apparent in 4.1.

All in all, 4.1 JB was an awesome step into the path that ICS sketched out, but now there's a "new flavour" in the mix, and it's not a nice flavour. Which leaves me now in the lookout for a custom ROM, and I'm quite interested in the ones that go in a completely different direction than stock/vanilla Android. Anyone know any ones I should give a go?