I love Win8, but it should've been Win7-and-a-half

I've seen some vids about touchscreen win8 ultrabooks, and I'm impressed. Holding your thums on the bezel of the screen, with your forearms resting beside the trackpad seems like a really nice way to operate win8 and it's slide-in-from-the-side gestures. However, I feel Microsoft has took a leap into the post-pc era, when the hardware just isn't there yet, and win7 could use a bit more fine tuning.

The touchscreen ultrabooks or covertibles in the style of Asus' Transformer(which in my eyes is the best no-compromise windows 8 experience) now available all lack in one area or another. I(and I think all of us) just want a zenbook-like(just stating a zenbook because I love the design) ultrabook, with an amazing screen, blazing, desktop-replacing preformance, solid build quality, beefy battery life and a great backlit keyboard, with a screen I can snap off and use as a(n) (RT) tablet. This without compromising on design and such.

The hardware isn't yet there to have this, so I'll stick to my roaring beast of a win7 gaming laptop until I really can't wait any longer.

What I would have loved to see from Microsoft in this non-existent Windows "7-and-a-half":

- Improved Aero snap. I'd like the option to drag a window to any corner, and have it snap into that corner, while automatically omitting any option borders, displaying only your content(this description is a bit vague, for clarification, see this mock-up). It'd be more useful on a screen bigger than my 15,6 inch laptop, though. Also, I'd like to be able to snap to the edge of a monitor, not just the edge of your desktop. This would improve functionality massively when using multiple monitors.

- Improved support of third-party default programs. I've managed to make sure EVERY media file I open, even if it is a folder or multiple files, opens in a playlist in VLC, but boy oh boy was that a hassle. Had to dive into dll files and all that. Mr Gates, this shouldn't have to be this hard.

- The win8 boot time. If win8 can do it, why can't win7?

- No more rounded corners. I've yet to find a win7 theme which gives me sharp windows and button corners without being buggy as hell.(anyone found a good one?)

If win8 would have an option to only use metro with a touch screen, I'd upgrade and buy a win8-supported touch monitor for my laptop in the blink of an eye, I just don't want to fiddle with metro on a non-touch screen laptop. Then I'd also be able to do photoshopping and video editing with a touch screen, which I imagine would be epic.