Why isn't MS ahead of the curve?

Why isn't the "brand new" htc 8x using the advanced hardware found in the HTC butterfly J/droid DNA?

Why did they use the T30 in the Surface which is already dated, and not an advanced variant...? If not just the next Tegra? Why not the snapdragon S4 Pro? Or skip ARM altogether and go straight Clovertail? Forget the RT mess altogether?

Why hobble your own kit when you are supposed to be doing windows done "right?" all phones should have sd cards and removable batteries...

Why did they wait until the last minute to provide devs sdks? Especially on phone? The mystery was unfounded... We certainly weren't waiting to be intrigued by kids corner. Why was there zero developer presence at any of their press shows? We needed to see high end software running on win 8 whether it be Halo 4, autocad or adobe. The next rovio game released first on winRT and win phone 8 would have been a hit.

Who is running the how at MS? While I love all the products the have out form the Surface to the Lumia...why did they aim so low with this rollout? I feel like they budgeted more money on commercials than on developer support... Thoughts?