Windows 8 vs Windows Phone 8 vs Windows RT

So now that all three elements of Microsoft's new strategy are out. What are your thoughts and feelings about them?

Which do you feel has succeeded the best, which are you ambivalent about? Do you hate any of the new launches?

My Windows 8 lol


My Windows Phone 8


Windows RT


My thoughts:

You have to bear in mind, like all Vergers, i am interested in technology, however I am not that technologically savvy. I am more of a fan (of tech in general) than anything.

Windows 8 - i got it on launch day. First time i saw it, i was pretty blown away, it made my computer feel 'cool' again. One thing, as you can tell by the amount of games on my machine, is that the kids love it. They find it very easy to navigate, and they intuitively understand the smart corners, the concept of the store etc. I for one however, on my 24" screen, do find it a bit baffling the lack of multi-tasking capabilities present in metro apps. I understand the concept of IE 10 in metro, but there is a reason why i am writing this on google chrome in desktop mode.

Also, with the start menu gone, it is harder to find things, when you don't know what you are doing. for example, if i didn't know what a control panel was, i would have no idea where to look. And oh, when i transferred onto Windows 8, one of my silly audio programs/drivers disappeared. I cannot uninstall it, but i think its still kicking around, because i am not sure my audio drivers are actually properly updated (e.g. my netflix won't work in metro, but will work on desktop mode, go figure)

overall rating 7/10 - i will prob get a touchscreen monitor in future, I do like it for 'fun'. but i cannot imagine doing serious business on anything other than the desktop mode.

Windows Phone 8 - I love it. Coming from a Gingerbread 2.3 Android phone, the difference is just staggering. I genuinely feel the L920 will go down as a key product in technology. It may be flawed, but it shows an incredible amount of potential. So what are these flaws? Well, i can't at one glance figure out if i have signal for instance. The lack of a notification area is slightly disconcerting, especially if my phone vibrates.. and I don't know why. the bing lock screen doesn't update properly etc. these are small flaws, and all in all, i am fully confident in two years time,at the end of my contract, the key flaws (which i can't think of at the top of my head) will be resolved and this will be a massive contender in mobile OS's.

overall rating 8.5/10 - the final 1.5 will of course always be elusive, but this is a truly brilliant new piece of kit.

Windows RT - Well how to describe it? i like the new surface format, it's very good. However, there is a reason I haven't bought it yet. For the life of me, i can't figure out what its for? As far as i can tell, there are seperate apps for WP8, W8 and WRT, why? RT should either use phone apps or desktop apps, this specialist apps for an inbetween format doesn't sit well with me. I will probably get the Surface pro. the PC (which now basically means 'Proper Computer' market badly lacks beautifully designed products to compete with Apple, I think the Surface is an excellent counter to it, but to run on RT? no thank you.

overall rating 5/10 - i'm sorry but i don't see this platform lasting long term. it will get amalgamated into one or the the other preceding platforms. Probably Windows 8


So which platform do you like best and why?

And which one do you like the least and why?

All of the above are just 'my' thoughts, i'm only writing them to get a discussion going, i'm more interested in what you guys have to say.

thanks for reading ^^