Microsoft locking down DirectX 11.1 to Windows 8.

Hey everyone !

So, i think the title pretty much explains itself, Microsoft is thinking about locking down their update to the existing flagship API (DirectX 11) with this ".1" that will bring performance improvements as well as some new features, actually i won't be suprised to see CRYSIS 3 running that improved (althought while being based and compatible on DX11-only machines) API looking at the technology involved in it.

There's two ways of thinking about this risky step:

1- Windows 8 is the latest version of Windows OS, having increased support for all the latest technologies (better memory management and all kinds of cool performance improvements...), and simply the fact that it runs faster on most modern systems (especially the low-end ones where the OS makes a significant difference in how to manage the game's ressources) and it's simply a faster a more-feature packed API that goes along with "again" a faster and more feature-packed Windows 8.

Now this way of looking at things is wrong, and shouldn't be a reason to not let Windows 7 users take advantage of this improved API.Which brings me to the second way of looking at it...

2- Windows 7 is only a minor step below Windows 8, and the users who paied the big bucks to get should get supported for a long while, and with a room for another Service Pack, Microsoft should and have to provide DX11.1 support, their drivers implementation is almost identical, the kernel is exactly the same just with a few tweaks, and there's technically no reason to lock down Windows 7 users from getting their improved DirectX 11.1 and just trying to get more people to buy Windows 8, it's just ridiculously stupid...

And that's probably the way that i look at it and most of you might look at this problem.

Tell me what you think about this, and the fact that Microsoft by doing this isn't giving any credit to people who bought dozens of millions of copies of this (still) great OS.

Don't bring Mac, Linux or even OpenGL to this thread, we don't want fanboys fight or some stupid APIs or OSs war, be constructive and have a nice time :)