Netflix: Two things would be major improvements

With all this talk about cord cutting and how things need to get better, it's important to note: One of the systems people like in large part (Netflix) can make improvements. These improvements could happen without any content deals, but would dramatically improve the user experience.

1. A Suggestion Box - it blows my mind that they have no feedback system. is something I use and it makes me like apple better. I've used the At&t app to say 'there's spotty reception right here,' and I feel like I'm being heard b/c I can see improvements. People have tons of ideas on how to improve Netflix and Netflix has no way to get that information. Once I called Netflix support and told a worker an idea and had to trust he'd tell his boss and send it up the chain. Fat chance. Create a and make it useful.

2. Let people manage their queue...For Real. Give us folders, smart playlists, sort by column, something. I want to be able to make a folder for scary movies that I only have to see around October or if I get in a scary movie mood. I want to click on a "Genre" column header in my queue and see all Action/Adventure from just the movies I've already picked out. I want my TV episodes in one place. Take a cue from iTunes for your queue, Netflix. One basic function of technology is to sort data. Let me do that with my queue. Sadly, because of my first suggestion, I have no reason to expect that Netflix will ever hear this idea.