Where are the reviews for Samsung Ativ Smart PC 500t and 700t, sony Vai Duo 11, Thinkpad tablet 2 and Dell Latitude tablet 1o?

I am really disappointed in Engadget, slashgear and the Verge on not posting their reviews on these tablet hybrids. You reviewed the VivaTab from Asus and the Microsoft Surface, but both of them are Windows 8 RT based. What about the rest of us who really do not care about the Windows RT and looking forward for the real Windows 8 full experience? When need your help in deciding which one of these windows 8 hybrids and tablets is the right one for each of us.


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Do you agree with me folks?


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Moreover, we need some reviewers insightful details on the stylus support in each one of these tablets. Most of them use Wacom pens except the Sony Vaio Duo 11 which deploys battery-powered N-Trig Pens. We have to keep in mind that the N-Trig Windows 8 drivers are still in Beta. Furthermore, the previous N-Trig experience in lots of old tablets such as the the Dell Latitlude tablets series (XT, XT2, XT3 and ST) was frustrating and insufficient. Is it the case with the Sony Vaio Duo 11?

Regarding the S-Pen in the Samsung Ativ SmartPC 500t and the Samsung Ativ smartPC Pro 700t, many are complaining about how tough it is to get it out of the tablet till the extent that customers scratch their tablets trying to pull the S-pen out, other customers claim that this differs for one unit to another based on their hands-on experience in the Microsoft Store. Where is the truth in here?

Are the Atom based tablets such as the Samsung Ativ SmartPC 500t, Dell Latitude tablet 10 and Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 are seriously underpowered as some customers feel?

Finally, lots of customers complaining about the pooor engineering and poor quality control in the Samsung Ativ Smart PC series such as the poor keyboard dock connector that keeps disconnecting from the tablet every miunte and numerous users complaining about dust and hair on the LCD monitor beneath the glass.

Last but not least, we need the Verge help in getting the real picture in here to help readers choose the best device for their needs.


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