Thurrott - "unclear to me why anyone would choose a Windows RT-based system, in general, over a comparable Clover Trail-based system"

Paul Thurrot just did a perform review of a Clover Trial Samsung ATIV Smart PC. His conclusions show that Clover Trail processor performs much better than the Surface RT. Now while I do know the Surface is using a one year old ARM processor, this kind of does show that Intel is not too far behind with performance.

I was blown away when he said that the Samsung was able to get around 10 hours out of its battery and stayed cool to the touch. That thing also comes with a pen and a dock for $749. $50 more than the Surface. But it's just plastic. Personally, Microsoft should of never embraced ARM and caused all this confusion. The RT prices we have seen so far does not bring it into must buy territory. Please kill off RT and end this mess and focus on making a Surface with an Atom processor. Then make a version of Office for the modern UI and sell without subscription for Windows users ($30 for a light version) and with subscription for iOS and Android.