Is this a good idea?

One evening I stopped glaring into the cooling glow of my laptop's screen and thought about shutting the lid and going to sleep. However, I managed to convince myself (it wasn't difficult) that I'd have a look at one last thing. It occurred to me that this was by no means at all an isolated incident of such behaviour. In fact, throughout every single day, as well as in the evenings, I find myself repeating the mantra of "one more click", or "just one more". This is a bad habit and one that I wanted to stop in an attempt to make myself more productive.

As such, I decided to try and cure my own problem. I would create a scheme by which my day's browsing could come to a natural end. The best way I could think to do this, remembering that I wanted to be more productive as the end goal, was to create something using the time I spent browsing. The result of this thought experiment:

It is the simplest a site could be. Each day, one new item. It can be anything. A video, a photo, a snippet of an article with a link, or just a link (should that be enough). Each day I will find one thing that I deem worthy to put up, and when I have, then I shall stop browsing. Who knows if this will work. It may horribly backfire and result in me spending even more hours of my day scouring the internet in order to find something interesting enough to share. Either way, hopefully some others can enjoy some of what I find.