920 light leakage

So I've had my red Nokia 920 for a few days now and I've noticed two points of light leakage from the captive buttons (back, home, search). Looking straight at the phone running along the seam between the glass and the body I see a very thin amount of light leaking out. It's not distracting but once you notice it you notice it. The 2nd is harder to see but is much more serious. If you tilt the phone so you are looking from the top down along the screen towards the buttons I can see a huge amount of light leaking out from just left of the home button. Playing videos and such it doesn't seem to be washing out anything so it's not messing up the screen but the fact that I can see it makes me think I have a defect. So I'm just wondering if anyone else has seen this as well or if it's just me?