I love my Nintendo Wii. I’m basically unbeatable at Wii Tennis and can hold my own in Wii Bowling (though my six-year-old nephew beats me pretty handily). My family’s Wii Fit has been well-loved, and I’ve saved the world more than a few times in Call of Duty.

Nintendo's simple, low-res, get-up-and-play console has been a huge hit, outselling both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and taking over my family like I never expected. Now Nintendo's back with the Wii U, hoping to bolster its offering and preemptively outshine whatever Microsoft and Sony are up to next. The Wii U comes with upgraded graphics and processing power, but true to form it's all about a gimmick: the GamePad. Like the 3DS did with portable games, the Wii U's GamePad adds a second screen to the gaming equation, which Nintendo hopes will lead to more immersive, fun, and interactive games.

It's no stretch to say the Wii revolutionized how we play video games. Can Nintendo do it again? Let's find out.