Simplest notification center concept for Windows Phone 8

We've been seeing all sorts of concepts floating around for WP8's notification center. I've been thinking about it for a while now and realized that sometimes, the toughest questions have the simplest answers.Let's revisit the problem. In Windows phone, if you miss a toast and do not have a live tile for that app, the notification is gone for ever and you won't see them until and unless you open the app.Solution: Integrate it into the Me tile.i.e. The Me hub will have 4 sections: Profile, Social feed updates(Currently called "Notifications". I propose to rename this as "Feed"), What's new and the new home for app notifications called "Notifications". Clicking on any of the app notifications would launch the respective app. The notification should be deep linked to the respective section of the app like some toasts do.The Me live tile now flips around and shows "Feed: xx new items" and "Notifications: yy new items" in alternating fashion.I feel that this is a simple, logical way to hose all notifications without bringing major changes to the user experience of the OS. What say you?p.s. I hope everyone understood what I mean by this. I can try to make some mockups if it isn't clear, but no guarantees when I can do this.