Will the Verge review VAIO's?

As far as I can see, the Verge has never reviewed a Sony VAIO laptop. This is a shame, as I value their opinions, and am currently looking at laptops. VAIO's are some of the foremost contenders for me, as they are strong in two of the most important aspects to me, screen resolution and material quality. Almost all of their laptops, including the ones in my price range, offer 1600x900 if not 1920x1080 screens, while that is quite rare on other laptops in the price range, and they offer aluminum, magnesium alloy or carbon fiber bodies. Plus, I like Sony.

So, how about it, Verge crew? Any upcoming reviews of the VAIO's? Specifically the E, S or Duo series?

If you agree with me, and would like David, Sean, etc. to take a look at some Sony's, leave a comment.