How one should review a W8/RT tablets/convertibles/hybrids...

I think, the problem with all the reviews (including short summary of W8 devices in "On the Verge") is that the authors always compare them (directly or not) to iPad and want to use it like an iPad. For example, Josh laughed at 13'' Lenovo Yoga in portrait mode. OK, Yoga looks silly in portrait but nobody is going to use it that way! It is not an iPad! It's a powerful ultrabook (with "tablet mode")!

On the other hand, I've never seen a review of an iPad in which an author laughing at lack of keyboard, letterboxing on videos, simple, closed OS, etc... iPad is an iPad. A (great) toy. If you compare its capabilities to Yoga/Smart PC/etc... iPad will always lose. If you compare portability, mobility and quality - iPad will almost always win. Completely different groups of devices.

In my opinion, W8 devices deserve some deeper insight and analysis of all “use cases”. Guys, they’re not iPads so don’t judge them by iPad’s standards.