Nokia Wireless Charging Stand & the HTC 8x

My 8x should arrive on Tuesday. At my local Verizon store they are demoing wireless charging on both the 8x and the Lumia 822 with the Nokia Wireless Charging Plates. I was wondering if the Nokia Wireless Charging Stand worked on the 8x as well.

I guess the first question is will the 8x charge on the Stand? I am assuming it will. If it shares the same wireless standard as the plate, why wouldn't it? But that is an assumption.

Second question: With the Nokia Lumia phones a pre-selected app will activate via NFC when you place the phone on the stand. Will that same feature work on the 8x?


Per the description on AT&T’s website the stand is compatible with "all Qi standard inductive wireless charging products." So that answers question #1.