Late thoughts on iPhone 5

I really wanted to share my thoughts on iPhone 5 after using it for some time, but haven't been able to find an appropriate place to do so.... This Verge forum seems like the right place. I will keep it as short as possible, so please read everything.

Most reviewers have commented that iPhone 5 is totally not revolutionary and therefore not impressive. They say that iOS 6 is boring and oudated, and that it some ways it is worse than iOS 5.

This is something everyone can say and is saying about iPhone 5. Because it seems like the most obvious and "right" thing to say about this device from a company that is wrongly regarded as always making the most innovative and revolutionary products.

I've got one simple and REAL comment about iPhone 5: Apple's job is to make great products, and iPhone 5 is without doubt a great product. No, Apple's job or goal is not to make revolutionary and innovative products faster than anyone else. Innovations and revolutions are only meaningful when they bring practical benefits. For example, the revolutionary multi-touch technology certainly made the original iPhone great. Today's wireless charging technology is not so great because it is still "wired." NFC: you can hardly use it, and no one can be sure if it is going to be widely adopted.

Okay, so what about iPhone 5? Although the improvements in iPhone 5 are not innovative or revolutionary, all of them add up to a truly much better experience.( Yes, iOS 6 has drawbacks, but the fact that 200 million people have upgraded proves it's not a big problem) And that's what matters, right?

So, if you are disappointed with iPhone 5(unless it's in bad physical condition), it's most likely not Apple's fault. It's likely to be your fault for expecting something from Apple that Apple has never done and will never do, which is to make products to merely earn the title of being "innovative" and "revolutionary". Instead, Apple has always tried to make the best possible products. And iPhone 5 is just another perfect example of that. It's what the currently most valuable company in the world has always been doing since its near-death in 1998.