Switching to Windows 8: from a lifelong Mac user.

There's just something about that Sony Vaio Duo 11 and Windows 8. I'm a photographer/designer/artist/musician/student, so naturally I gravitated towards the Mac from the ver beginning of my computer owning career. I have an iPad and an iPhone and keep my calendar on iCloud (though I use Google for email, web docs, and backup).

But the Vaio is powerful enough to run all my Adobe apps, and my productivity apps are web based or Microsoft anyway. It has a digitizer pen for Photoshop and notetaking and it's cheaper than a ModBook. It has a keyboard, which doesn't exist on a ModBook, and I have a logitech keyboard for my iPad which is smaller and I'm very used to it. I own an Apple bluetooth mouse that will work with all the touch gestures when the drivers come out. It has full HDMI and full HD - it's perfect for connecting to a screen for movies and productivity. It will connect to my MIDI mixing board over USB 3.0... can you imagine mixing a song not with a digitizer pen? It has an SD slot for my camera.. and my next one too, likely a Sony NEX of some sort. My music library is on Spotify... the handful of files I kept after making the move will be easy to transfer.

The hinge, while it does draw complaints, does something no other hybrid design does: Triangulates the screen, keyboard and support, then locks it all into place, so that it doesn't move when you're using the pen. The sacrifice of not being able to change the angle, which is a minor issue with the IPS display, is worth the sacrifice. The device, while heavy for an ultrabook, is lighter than my mac - a monstrous desktop replacement-style machine that I lug around with me every day because my iPad simply isn't capable enough - even with the slice battery, which I will definitely be purchasing alongside the laptop.

The software bridges the productivity of a desktop and convenience and expanded capabilities of tablet like devices in a way that Apple has yet to do. Windows 8 is terrible on non touch enabled devices, but this device is very touch enabled, while even a ModBook would still run a UI designed primarily for a traditional pointer based UI and I would only be able to use a pen.

I am a life long Apple user and fanboy. You would cringe at some of the comments I've posted in my past. I put linux on a partition, but I would never put Windows on. I was as bad as the rest of them. But this combination of hardware and software - Windows, enabling mobile productivity and touch to merge like nothing before, compatible with every important application I use, and the Vaio, matched perfectly with my mobile creative lifestyle, enabling me to do my work like I have never been able to before.

And I thought my next was going to be a MacBook Air...