The 920 (and maybe the 820 variants) Is Selling Out Everywhere

Top of the Amazon best seller list (held the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd spot). Sold out in Germany. Walmart says theres "overwhelming" demand for the 822. Sells out on China Mobile within 30 minutes. Sells out on UK Expansys. Sells out in a single day on Clove UK. Lots of AT&T stores say they're sold out and surprised how much its selling. Telestra (spelling?) says theres overwhelming demand too.

It isn't just Nokia failing to make enough units (although thats part of it) everyones saying they're very surprised at how many they're selling. And more importantly unlike with the 900 the 920 has tons of competition from the Note 2 to the iPhone 5 and the just released N4.

What do you guys think? Do we have a success on our hands?