iOS user switching to Android, Q & A

Hey Androiders. I've been using iOS for the last 3 years or so and have never used Android (besides playing with my friends phones). I'm planning on buying the Nexus 4 because I'm just a little bored with iOS but I had some questions about the platform.


First, how is music on Android? I really like the setup with iTunes and syncing music (as strange as that might sound). I've been uploading my music to Google Play for about a year and I feel like the web experience of the Google Play music player just isn't very good so I was wondering if there are any good alternatives to Google Music. I also have a ton of Apple Lossless music so I'm hoping there is some way for me to play those files on an Android device.

Microsoft Exchange

I also had a question about Exchange email. I do a lot of emailing and calendering through my university's exchange system which works pretty well on my iPhone so I'm nervous that I it won't work as well on android. So basically how is the exchange experience?

Apple Emojis

And another question about emojis. Me and my girlfriend both have iPhones and at times communicate solely with Apple emojis. I was wondering if there is a way to get Apple emojis on Android? I searched around but I couldn't find anything that looked very reliable.


Thanks for all the feedback guys! So what I'm thinking is that I'm going to upload my music to Google Music. It will be based off of my iTunes Library so because Google Music isn't a back and forth syncing solution and only uploads, I will need to make sure that my iTunes Library is pretty organized. I think that I will try DoubleTwist is Google Music is too much of a hand full and it becomes too difficult for me to organize my library. It sounded like there might be some performance issues with

Sounds like Exchange is a go! Yay!

I did a little looking around and it looks like emojis are standard in 4.2 so we'll see how that turns out. I think it's probably best that I use the standard SMS app for messaging just because some of my friends still have dumb phones.


Below, meismeandi asked about Podcasts, which is something that I haven't really thought about. I currently use the Apple Podcasts app which is decent. What is the best way to listen to podcasts on Android?