Why doesn't the sony Cyber-shot RX1 have an interchangeable lens?

i've got a theory of why sony´s mini full frame doesn't have a interchangeable lens.

I think that the Cyber-shot RX1 is one of the best things sony has done in a while, and I would buy this camera if money wasn't the problem. The only major problem , other than the price, is the fixed lens. But when I think it was the best of their possible options.

The other options they had were to release a series of lenses only for this camera. Which would be necesary because the other big full frame cameras need a different lens tanks to the distance from the sensor to the lens; and with it and the Nex glass it would've been to small for the sensor. And disappointed all sony buyers that already have a lot of different lenses.The second option would be to wait, but they risk getting late to the game.

At the end, I think that this is more a proof of concept that they will, hopefully, improve and with the next reiteration of the product I hope that they can fix this problem.


via qp.ua