[4.2 review] Lockscreen


I was on yakju, just plain Android but after four days I was like: Fuck it, I'm going to do something about it.

I took my old (2005) Windows laptop that had been collecting dust since I bought my Chromebook last year.

The first thing I had to do is search for the names of the stuff I wanted to do (flashing was the term) because I'm a noob.

So I downloaded some software (took about an hour, wow. I downloaded stuff. Didn't do that for a while on a laptop) and the zipfile. I did some things I don't know what it means and after about 100 trying it worked.


When I looked at youtube video's about the lockscreen I was sold. I was dreaming about putting my agenda on my lockscreen. But that soon changed. Google fucked it up. It's one large clusterfuck. It's inconsistent. Since 4.0 you have widgets in a widget tab, apps in apps tab. You drag widgets from the widget tab to your homescreen and there it is. But on 4.2 on the lockscreen you have to go to the left (Hey but to the left means open camera on the lockscreen right? Nope!) and click a plus button. There you have a Gmail widget (with some information you don't want some people to see), an SMS widget with some sexting if you are a teenager (I'm the exception) or some confident codes.The agenda widget looks about right (except the UGLY UGLY U G L Y blue color) and the analog clock looks damn sexy. Prepare yourself. Here it comes. The digital clock.


via blogs.computerworld.com

EEWH! Why ruin a good looking thing Google? I know what hour it is most of the time, the minutes are the most important for me! In my language we say this "Hoi, hoe laat is het? -Kwart over". That literally translates to this "Hey, how late is it? -Quarter over" (Yeah, I don't know if this has a normal English translation but we are here for Android). We don't say the hour most of the time, we say the minutes (or quarters). So make it the same font Google (there are widgets but I want it stock).

Switching between the different screens is a bitch. Most of the times it doesn't work or it's slow as hell. Use tabs or make it more responsive on the middle of the screen. Next: the camera. You went into camera by dragging the circle of little dots to the left. Left is camera right is unlock. Up is Now down is nothing. But Google said "Change a good thing!"(not an actual quote). You go to the right and after an awfully long animation you get into the camera. So right is camera now? No, it depends on where you do it. If you do it inside the circle you can go everywhere (but, isn't it useless that way? yes it is) and you unlock the device. Outside the circle you swipe to the right to go to camera. But watch out that you don't fill the space with widgets because then you toggle everything.

Conclusion: Widgets are nice, but very inconsistent and difficult for first time users. The unlock ring doesn't work right (useless), the way you open the camera is slow and the digital clock is ugly. Agenda and analog clock is awesome. For developers: calculator widget! Current widget!