Apple Vs Android? Just appreciate both

To start off I would like to say that I am both an Android and Apple user. For my tablet, I own and love my Nexus 7, as for my daily driver I have an IPhone 5. This post will not be about which of the two is better, as it will other wise be focusing on the question of why is there so much hatred surrounding Apple, and why must others extensively argue with one an other about which is better. With that being said, lets begin.

I often feel very frustrated when I read the comment section on Youtube. It gets pretty ugly when the video is coverage of an Apple event and or an Apple product. For example, In recent memory, the IPad Mini event. The comment section on those videos were absurd. If you don't believe me, go onto Youtube, visit the Verge's channel, and watch there IPad mini event coverage. The specific video I am talking about is Joshua and Nilay's "First impressions" on the IPad mini. The Verge's own, Mr. Joshua Topolsky was at this event and was able to have hands on use with the tablet before the general public was able to. In this video Joshua had some good things to say about the IPad mini. He enjoyed the hardware and the overall feel of the tablet. He stated at the beginning of the video; "It blows away the Nexus 7 and really any other 7 inch tablet." That's a fair statement as you are entitled to your own opinion. But people in the comment section blew up, they went on to call Joshua an "Apple fanboy" and other un called for things. Mr. Topolsky did state the negative aspects about the tablet as well, in his full review of the product, he explained that pixels are noticeable, and other 7 inch tablets have better pixel density then the mini. His review was very fair as he looked at both sides of the picture. I do not understand why he received some hate from some people before any of them have even used the product in the first place, as both the first impressions video and the review were posted before launch day, before any of the general public could even use or buy and IPad mini! This is just one of many examples of others being labeled "Apple fanboys" just because they had something positive to say about the company's produces. It's not fair nor is it correct. You are entitled to have your own opinion about consumer products, either you loved the IPad mini or you hated it, and thats fine. But once you start insulting others just because of there opinion, you crossed the line.

Everyone needs to appreciate what both sides have to offer. I appreciate the customizability and openness of Android, and thats why I own an Nexus 7. I also appreciate the thin, light, beautiful design of the IPhone 5, and thats why I have one. If you believe Android products are better, then go purchase them, and if you believe Apple products are better, go on and buy them. Thats the beauty of capitalism, we have the choice to buy the things we want. Like I said a couple times before, and i will repeat myself to make sure I get my point across; Everyone is entitled to there own opinion about a product, but to say hurtful things to others because you don't agree with there opinion just doesn't seem right.