Excuse me but you got Android in my Chrome OS

I posted this originally on Reddit as "10 features I would like added to the next major revision of Chrome OS."

Really haven't played with Chrome OS fully yet, has been a while actually. Never got a chance to play with Aurora but I would like to see some stuff and or functionality added, I'm also not sure whether or not if any of these have been added. I think Chrome would become an even more exciting platform if some of these were to get added. What's your take? Would you like some Jelly Bean in your Chrome?

1) Intelligent Gestures system I think Chrome would really benefit well with this implementation. It would increase productivity. Example: Two fingers swipe to the right corner to pull up Google Now.

2) Google Now

Google hinted that we could see this on Chrome OS.

3) Widgets

People love their widgets. It was done wrongly in Vista and I think Google could do it right like they have with Android.

4) Homescreens

Android feature implemented into Chrome, use the keyboard arrow keys or trackpad to navigate. Would be great for adding further functionality.

5) Cards Gesture

Swipe down on trackpad with two fingers while in the homescreen and all active applications display in a card factor like web OS/Windows Alt Tab. It's kinda like alt tab but it uses the all of the screen's resources.

6) All applications to be updated out of of the Chrome Window.

It's a new feature announced in August just needs to be addressed by the app developers. Ultimately the final product of an app should not be in the Chrome browser window.

7) Compute editor

Edit videos/pictures in the cloud with Google's compute engine while using no device resources. Bandwidth would be an obvious issue.

8) Live Wallappers

Loved this feature in Android and would like to see the Nexus one wallpaper on a Chrome device.

11) Profile and Notification system

I've been hearing that the profile system in Chrome OS doesn't do justice to the operating system like it does in Android. The new Android profile system in 4.2 is just amazing and I think Chrome would benefit with a similar experience. Notifications too, it would be great to have it wrapped into Google Now so you get new tweets, e-mails and etc in one hub.

10) Multitask engine

Tons of people leave opened windows and Chrome instances which can lead to a sluggish experience. It would be kinda cool if Chrome were to moderate this and close windows that have been inactive for such a variable amount of time. I think some people would dislike this feature but it could be a blessing in disguise to save battery life and etc.