iPad mini has no direct competitors

Just to prove I am not biased towards any company, I use products from Apple, Samsung, Nokia and many others. I've been using iPad mini and many 7 inch tablets for a while and I think iPad mini is in a completely different territory. Sure, they will be all considered together as small tablets when someone is looking to buy a cheap, portable tablet PC. But just like there is no smartphone out there that is just as small and powerful as iPhone 5, there is no iPad mini equivalent. Seriously, Apple wasn't fooling us when they said 7.9 inch screen is much bigger than 7 inch screen. It makes a heck a lot of difference. The extra 0.9 inch and 4:3 aspect ratio provides a more immersive and engaging experience. Couple that with iOS apps designed for big screens,you get an unparalleled tablet experience, at least for now. So I don't think it is right to say that iPad mini is expensive, because simply there are no direct competitors. As Tim Cook said, it is in an entirely different league. Just my opinion. Not trying to say iPad mini is the best tablet for everyone.