Best Android Apps?

Background Info:

So I ordered a Nexus 4, while it is back ordered and may not have even been built yet, I'm getting anxious so I figured I would try to figure out what some good apps are. I bought an iPhone 3G the day it came out and loved it but I've always liked the idea of android better (I am a CS student now, was a computer geek then and yes I use Linux). The problem was it didn't have many major apps and really wasn't as polished as iOS then. Leading up to the launch of the iPhone 4 I really thought my next would be an android phone but when the iPhone 4 was announced the hardware just set the bar way higher than any android phone at the time and android was still behind in apps, getting much better but still lagging so I picked up an iPhone 4. After apple announced iOS 6 I was very disappointed with the lack of innovation and ICS just looked wonderful in comparison, at the point I was convinced my next would be an android phone. Then, Jelly Bean was announced, project butter polished the last dull spot of android and google now really impressed me and seemed so innovative. Since then I have been eyeing the HTC One X while waiting for the iPhone 5 before I made a final decision. Well the iPhone 5 was announced and while its a nice piece of hardware it just seems stagnant, especially iOS. I was still eyeing the One X but I knew I'd much rather have stock android so I waited for the next nexus and hoped it would have LTE and be affordable on AT&T. Well.. It doesn't have LTE but I don't have it at school either and I travel a lot and need an unlocked phone so I pulled the trigger. I am very excited for my new phone but I need some new apps.

Now, the actual question. What are some very good android-specific apps? I already know the big cross platform ones like flipboard. Also I have an iPad so if there is an iOS version that would be a bonus point but I am really looking for some new apps. Also two apps I need are something like GasCubby and Sleep Cycle? Are there similar android apps for these? Alright, post away!